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Ashier Respes
CEO Life-Steps, LLC

I would like to thank Peachtree Design Service for providing exceptional service to Life Steps, LLC since 2013. We appreciate you taking the time to listen to our needs and helping us figure out exactly what was needed to make our website a success. With your help our families are able to navigate our website easily, and get the information they need. I am proud of Website knowing that is matches the quality and prestige of our company.

Peachtree Design is available to answer our phone calls and emails in a timely manner, as a junior company, our message and branding are continuously evolving, which has resulted in many changes to our website some of which are late-minute.

I never feel like any idea, project addition or alteration is unattainable, and truly feel that Peachtree Design has are best interest at heart. We look forward to future collaborating with Peachtree Design and highly recommend without any hesitation
Diane Ordille
Clerk - Mount Laurel MUA

I can’t say enough about Peachtree Designs, LLC. Our company is a fairly new customer but Michael Ferrara has been great to work with. He always seems to understand exactly what I’m trying to explain, he responds and makes changes almost immediately and if needed, he gets emergency information on to our website during off hours and weekends. He has been nothing but accommodating with all of my requests, some that are not so easy. In fact, we have been so impressed with him and his responsiveness, that we have decided to have him completely rebuild our website despite the fact that we just did this a few years back.
Heather Franczyk
Secretary - Millbrook Homeowners Association

When Peachtree Designs, LLC first took over our webpage it was not user-friendly, and the biggest complaint was that information could not be readily found. Peachtree Designs has been a tremendous asset to our homeowner's community. We now have information readily available to all our homeowner's and when new information needs to be updated Michael responds personally and has it on the website within hours. The site is easy to use and allows us to share updates with everyone regardless of where they may be. We are very happy that we found Michael and Peachtree. Thank you for all your help and a beautiful website!
Michael T. Kwasizur, CPA, CMFO, RMC, AHP
Certified Municipal Financial Officer Borough of Berlin

"Peachtree Designs, LLC has provided the Borough of Berlin with website management services over the year and a half that I’ve been with the Borough. They do a great job, make changes quickly, and are very reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend Peachtree Designs, LLC to anyone looking to have a website built and maintained totally hassle free and at a low price."
Craig and Susan Danson
Owners - Hoppin' Halapenos

"We can't say enough about Michael Ferrara and his company Peachtree Consulting, LLC !!! From start to finish, working with Michael was easy, quick and exactly what we were looking for when starting our website. His professionalism and creativity helped us in getting the best website for our business....We have already had so many comments on how awesome the webpage looks and how easy it is to navigate!!! THANK YOU MICHAEL !!!!! Couldn't have done it without you. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with Michael Ferrara and Peachtree Consulting, LLC."
Ryan Keenan
Salesman for Mid-Atlantic Contractors

"Peachtree Designs, LLC has gone above and beyond the call of duty on the design of our contracting companies website. I am the salesman for the company and so I solely dealt with Peachtree Designs, LLC during the process. The attention that I required while creating our website was largely out of the ordinary but Peachtree Designs paid me all the attention I needed and did it pleasantly. I was even tutored a bit on how to work programs on my computer, which obviously wasn't part of the contract, but none the less they helped me as much as I needed. They constantly made me feel as if I was the most important client they had. Their response time was incredible, I was never left hanging. I would proudly recommend Peachtree Designs LLC, with our website as an example, to anyone in need of web design."
Dr. Derrick Samuels
Derrick Samuels Leadership Institute

"Having Michael Ferrara (President of Peachtree Designs LLC) build my website is one of the best decisions I have made in developing and showcasing my business to my target audience. He is patient, on schedule and knowledgeable in his area of expertise. Because of his professionalism and reliability, Michael now handles the monthly maintenance/update of my website. I have referred and will continue to refer my friends to Michael for their website development."
Trudi Clark
Artisan at Pretty Pottery

"I have been using Peachtree Designs services for 2 years. They are extremely easy to work with, promp and follows through in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them to design your website."
Rachel Farley

"I am so happy I chose Peachtree Designs to create my professional web site. I am a photographer and needed something appealing to the eye and that is just what Peachtree Designs delivered as the final product. They worked with me to give me the exact outcome I expected. They were very responsive to my own needs and wants. I would highly recommend their work to anyone needing any type of web design. I am so proud to show off my website. Thank you so much Peachtree Designs!"
Joe Gordon
Founder and President of All Hands Working

"One of the reasons that we decided to go with Peachtree Designs is the level of personal commitment they have to clients. The process of designing a website can be overwhelming, but with the right company the process can be simplified. Many companies go with basic templates and populate your information, but with Peachtree Designs we were able to add a personal touch that fit our needs. The pricing is reasonable for the amount of work spent on the design and functionality of the site. I would recommend this company to anybody in need of web services."
Jeanette Schelberg, RMC
Voorhees Township
Municipal Clerk

"Peachtree Consulting, LLC has served as the Web Designer and Web Master for Voorhees Township,, for the past two years. Peachtree was selected after careful consideration of multiple submissions based upon cost, design, and the ability to provide us with the range of applications we desired, such as meeting videos, photo slideshow, search capabilities, and other unique and unusual items that residents and governing body members request.

As Municipal Clerk for Voorhees Township, and the person responsible for ensuring that all items are posted to the site, I cannot express enough praise for the work and service provided by Peachtree Consulting, LLC. The speed and accuracy of their work is nothing short of remarkable. Voorhees Township is extremely pleased with Peachtree Consulting, LLC and highly recommends its services."
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